Agree or disagree……….?

Chitaa (worry) burns us once we are dead: but chinta (pyre) burns us even while we are alive.

It is proud and astonishing to see already 27 persons given their view for this question. So let me also present my views.

1) The statement quoted is TRUE only by all means and I think only very few may disagree.

2) As far as the first part, – &quot:Chitta (pyre) burns us once we are dead&quot:, is nothing new , since it is its nature and obliged in performing its duty ignoring other effects (either good or bad) of it. Instead, if one choose for burial rather than burning, then this pyre part does not arise.

3) In similar fashion, if we desired to bury our chinda, then burning worries is no more in the picture. There is a proverb in Tamil, that &quot:Thee (pyre) thottal (touch) chhudum (burn)’. So the recollection of memories has to be controlled.

4) Then the question is &quot:How to bury our chinda?&quot:

(i) One should have a structured foundation in education, culture, social and religious activities.
(ii) Try to keep always happy and stress free. Sharing your day to day activities, views, etc, with friends and family members, to a great extent will fulfill this goal.
(iii) Motivate for storing only ‘good memories’ and keep others as ‘water under the bridge’.
(iv) Give regular exercises to your mind either as per your religious teachings or as per the guidance of a reliable personality of your belief.
(v) Then, one final: &quot:Talk good: See good: Ear good and do good&quot:.

5) Please don’t raise a question, &quot:Do you follow these?&quot:
——- As far as first line, I think I have some foundations to build a reasonable character:
—— Others, I am only practicing. I am no exception from the quotation, &quot:It is easy to advice, but difficult to follow.&quot:

ONE REQUEST: The answers to this question by various members are only their individual opinions, which need not be realistic. Hence, let us not degrade any opinion, by giving a ‘thumbs down mark’. Instead, everyone free to comment on the same in their answers/opinion. THANKS,


I disagree to agree

I agree to disagree

I agree. Chinta Chita Saman hai. But my dear lady, Sabar Kabar Saman Hai. There should be a middle path.

Fully agree with you. Worrying not only troubles mind, it brings the positive energies of a person down too.

Edit : Aalunga Sir will you provide me the link where shivam ABUSED tamils ??

Rather I have seen your insulting comments in all his questions. If you are really a scientist in ISRO, as you claimed in your profile, you should behave with more maturity, not like a teen aged troll.

Please do not take it as favor to shivam sir or against you. It is advise from your sister.

fully agree , chita(creamtion process)destroy you once even when you are died , happens once and after you died , but chinta(tension , depression, worries )kills you daily sec by sec when ever you think about them , never let you go .
e.g. you had an interview with a company , you want to get selected there but you are not getting any response from their .when nobosy in your home is earning

worry burns you alive, and the stress, kills you. Jesus said in 1 Peter 5:7, &quot:you can cast your cares upon me, for I care for you.&quot: So to worry is to doubt every promise of God.

Pyre is the combustible chemicals that burns the body after it is dead. I think it sounds a little mixed up. Can you explain this to your meaning.

agree 100%, because most of the diseases and illness disorders, chinta is the root cause and for baldness, aging, growing fat without actually eating junk, wrinkles and other disorders too chinta is the reason . . .. only solution stop worrying dnt take life sooo seriously and also do yoga, pranayama and MEDITATION!!. . .


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