German Shepherd puppy training question?

I’m getting a 7 week old german shepherd puppy tomorrow and i wanted to have her trained. i was thinking about taking her to either Petco or Petsmart…I’m leaning more towards Petsmart though…well anyway I wanted to know if i must have her shots before enrolling her in the Puppy education class…is it required?? (i’m getting her shots but not right now, maybe in 3 weeks or so)

also, does anyone have any tips on training them to be around dogs and cats? (i have two cats and one dog)…I just figured having the puppy around them a lot would help

and also how to prevent from digging (if it’s even possible)


I got a new german shepard 5 months ago so I know what you are going through.
With your first question. It is required for a dog to have their shots before taking them to puppy school. So I would highly recommend it having it’s shots first. Also before you start taking it on walks. ( Just in case.)

Second, With the other animals for the first few days or weeks show your dog the other pets.It won’t take long for it to adapt and eventually get used to the other animals.

And digging. Digging is not something you can really train them not to do. What my family does is have a sand pit. She uses this and prefers this over the dirt because it is easier for her to dig through. Another thing you could do is a mound of dirt. We had a lot of dirt left over from some construction that we did. We showed our dog it and she also dug in that. She’s never been an issue with digging in the garden.

The puppy in pictues 1 &4 looks much like a pure breed german shepard. Although puppies are usually a little bit darker, Like the one in pictures 2&3. My dog looked very similar to that one only she was a little bit fluffier.( she is a pure bred) But that could be because she was a little bit younger.( btw they’re really adorable!)

I hope I helped and enjoy your new dog!

I have a 5 1/2 month old GSD Mix puppy and we did take her to puppy classes at Petsmart. We liked the trainers there better than the ones that were at the petco (which was closer). Yes, you will need shots for her, however we didn’t have her full set of shots completed by the time the course started (But were scheduled).

The puppy course was excellent and a good way to get them to socialize, which is a major part of the puppy training. Having a crate and crate training was invaluable to teach her not to potty in the house. Now, it’s been over a month since her last accident in the house. I would highly recommend hanging a bell on the door you take her out to potty and teach her to use that. It’s great when I’m in another room and I can hear her at the door needing to go outside.

Your puppy will get used to being around the cats and will need supervision at first to make sure that she doesn’t play too hard with them.

As far as digging, well, not sure what exactly you could do to stop that other than catching her in the act and teaching her not to do that.

Congrats on your new pup.

About the training…. I wouldn’t trust Petsmart or Petco training. Any random person can become a “trainer” there by completing classes. They don’t have the same experience as good trainers elsewhere. Just my opinion. I also wouldn’t bring my young puppy into an environment where dozens of random dogs come through every day. Even if they require vaccination records for the class, you don’t know if the rest of the dogs coming through the store have been vaccinated. A private training facility has much more control over things of that nature.

I would imagine that any training facility would require an updated shot record, you need to ask them. My dogs ability to get along is part on them, but mostly on me. I correct any behavior I don’t allow the second it happens. You have to be fair, if the puppy starts it, correct the puppy, if your dog starts it correct the dog. I point at the one in trouble, snap my fingers and use a command like “shame” I use Charlee Bears for potty training, so when the puppy goes potty she gets a treat and the older dog does too. She learns to share treats and that she is not more important than the other dogs. I do everything as a group, training, leashes, walks, play, hair combing, it is all done as a group. While I expect them to work some things out for themselves, I step in when they do a behavior I don’t allow, they are each others pack now, so they have to learn to get along. It takes time for a dog to warm up to a puppy, usually a couple of months, so keep working on it. The baby teeth come out between 4 and 6-months-old and the puppy gets bigger around then.

Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I’d suggest you https://bitly.im/aM7Lx

A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

Last question first: The pups already look like mixes, probably with rottweiler and/or labrador, so it’s doubtful they’ll look more like shepherds as adults. Cute pups, though 🙂

As far as training, ask about puppy kindergarten as your first step. This is little more than socialization and learning basic motivational techniques, but it can be a lot of fun.
At 16 wks, after all shots have been given, you can sign up for your pups first ‘real’ obedience class. Where you take the class isn’t as important as who’s teaching it.
For a time, I worked with one of these Petstore chains, but I was recruited after being recommended by another trainer. I can tell you the knowledge and abilities of other trainers hired by the contracting company varied greatly. Some were kids with barely a grasp on the basics, others were seasoned pros who did it for a little extra money or , like me, simply enjoyed it. I also volunteered with my local Dept. of Recreation.
But that’s just me. 🙂 Talk to friends and neighbors, vets, etc. about who they recommend as trainers and go from there.

NEVER take a dog around other dogs until it is fully vaccinated. So vaccinate at 8 weeks, again at 10 assuming the breeder vaccinated at 6 weeks also. Petsmart and Petco suck, you’ll be better off buying a book or DVD on clicker/marker training (do that now). Puppy classes are backwards. You begin training with 0 distractions, puppy classes are full of distractions, ergo a bad idea and backwards thinking.

Yes. Shots are absolutely required, and althought it isn’t standard I would get the Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccination as well.

As for the cats, supervise the puppy around the cats. Any aggressive behavior must be interupted immediately. I tell my dogs “no bites on the babies!” when they get jealous of the cats and snap at them (they never connect, they’re both herding dogs… but they do try to intimidate them). When the dog is nice to the kitties, give him treats. The goal is to get the dog to accept the cats as part of the “pack” (i.e. Not Prey) and to get them to regard the cats in a friendly light (the cats= treats for me). Also, since dogs are geared to please they will be reluctant to do something you frown on as long as you make your displeasure clear ( No BITES on the BABIES!).

However, the prey drive in GSD dogs is high. It may not be possible to have the dog trustworthy around the cats. If that is the case, and you don’t want to rehome anybody then never leave the dog alone with the cats. Either crate the dog (or put him in the backyard) when you aren’t home or have a seperate room for the cats with a door that can lock. Kiddie gates are easily jumped by cats and are not a safe barrier to keeping them from the dog.

as far as the training goes, I would have to agree with the others, you would be better off getting a book, petco just aint all that good with dogs, I know, i’ve seen it.
as for the shots, yes, you should get them first.
and as for the pups, all pups start out with the smashed in faces, so yes, they should grow to look more like GSDs then anything els, they look like they are progressing nicely.

Any organization that offers obedience classes will require vaccinations prior to attending the classes. That is for the protection of your pup as well as all the others.

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