If the Bible says that God hates divorce, how can He allow for something that He hates?

Both my parents are strong Christians and have taught me to be a strong Christian as well. They recently got a divorce not long after my 18th birthday. I know I am not a child, but I feel that my parents have done something wrong. Why would God let this happen? I always thought that they loved each other. I’m afraid that my parents are going to end up in Hell and that scares me. I love them both so much!

It is true that God hates divorce, but remember that Jesus said the only grounds for divorce was marital unfaithfulness (Matthew 5:32 and 19:9). If one of your parents was unfaithful to the other, then divorce is allowed.

Please be assured that nobody goes to hell for either being unfaithful or for divorcing. We are all imperfect humans. We all make mistakes. God knows that. Hell is reserved for Satan, his demons and those who reject the ransom sacrifice of Christ Jesus and refuse to acknowledge they are sinners in need of forgiveness.

The New Covenant introduced by Jesus prior to his death frees us from slavery to the law. Yes, we will make mistakes, but the moment a Christian repents and seeks forgiveness is the moment it is granted.

Divorce doesn’t send people to hell. They may have truely trusted God. They may put him first in all they do. He may be first in their thoughts and lives but that is nearly impossible for both of them to be fully submitted to God and yet press for a divorce. Yes God hates Divorce and a true child of God could not do something God hates. Perhaps they are truly a child of God but are caught up in the world so much they can no longer hear him. As to whether there final destination is heaven or hell none knows but they and God. Of course they same would hold true if they had stayed married. The Divorce is just a symptom of what might be going on inside. Hopefully this will lead them back into a closer walk with God. Because just as much as God hates divorce he hates to see the children he loves rebelling.

Why did God allow it? This world is not just a place to live it’s a place for us to learn to be more like Christ. For that to happen we must deal with the pain sin causes so that we learn.

People have a free will. Your parents chose to divorce, but it does not mean God approves of it. We can know what He thinks, but whether we choose to obey is up to us. He never forces anyone. Your parents know divorce is wrong in most cases (not all), but they decided to do it anyway.

I would not say that they will go to hell for divorcing. God is full of mercy. But you need to talk to your parents for clarification on this one. You did not state the reason they decided to split. Is it just for selfish reasons? You are old enough to know the reason why, I think. They have not been fair to teach you something that they are not willing to obey themselves. That is hypocrisy and they need to explain it to you. It is simply not fair on their part to teach something they are not willing to live. It’s the &quot:Do as I say, but not as I do&quot: philosophy.

Talk to them about it. You deserve an explanation and an answer for your very sincere question. Is there a pastor you can talk to? He may be able to explain some things if you cannot get a satisfactory answer from your parents.

God seems to have given His creatures the much precarious power of self-determination that they may try and unfold and regulate through the oral and scriptural help and admonitions from the high holy representatives (clerics, prophets) of God on this Earth:

God certainly has given natural life on Earth a ferocious drive towards annihilating other life, towards annihilating forms of life and forms of harmony that were so much beautiful and precious as to cause great pain when such expressions of life are no more, towards annihilating those so holy loving unions as for instance the sacramental marriage between man and woman.

A simple objection to the declared hate from God in the Bible: As being immensely good, immensely almighty and so on and on, God does not hate anything, because if God did hate something, and hate being something not good, God would not be good.

An idea of meagre or of glowing consolation for you:
In divorce and from divorce there may unfold wondrous or even weird new ways of harmony and of friendship, new life, new and perhaps much good events and memories for a future.

You might try and be with your own parents sort of separately, and love and honour them individually in their new life, your own father for him and with him and with his old and new connections, your own mother for her and with her and with her old and new connections.

Amen. Have a thoughtless smile.

God does not hate divorce it is a poor translation that says that. God hate separation especially if a man send his wife away with out a divorce because according to law of Moses he can marry another wife but she can not remarry.

The book says God hates sin .. but he forgives it. The book says going to hell is determined by not being sorry for sin and unbelief. Divorce is no worse than most other human failings.

Actually, the Bible does allow for divorce. It isn’t a sin as many people incorrectly think.

God gave us free will. God doesn’t like a lot of things that humans do. They sinned. Simple as that. Everyone sins. Hopefully they are doing something about it. I wouldn’t worry too much about them going to hell.

I really don’t know.

Jews allow divorce but not the Christians?

If your parents have asked God for forgiveness and has repented from their sins they will be forgiven and they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven

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