If the war in Iraq goes down in history as an American failure then will conservatives find a way to….?

blame liberals the same way that conservatives blamed liberals when the war in Vietnam went down in history as an American failure?


Have conservatives done such an effective job at stiffling liberal dissent that conservatives will have no one else to blame but themselves if the war in Iraq goes down in history as an American failure?

You have an interesting view of American military history. Not at all accurate, but interesting.

Let us take your suggestion that &quot:conservatives blamed liberals when the wary in Vietnam went down in history as an American failure&quot:.

Why was it a failure? When a republican (though not Conservative) President Nixon secured peace on the 17th parallel in 1973 it was a successful end to a poorly run liberal war. The 20 million people of South Vietnam were guaranteed freedom and peace.

It did not become a failure until the north invaded and a liberal democrat congress tied the hands of President Ford and threatened impeachment if he honored the US obligations to provide support for ARVN. A little air support, a little money and a friend was all they needed — and we abandoned them.

The subsequent purges and ‘re-educations’ took several million lives in the region. You can put that right at the feet of the liberal congresspeople that said ‘no air support’.

You can see the seeds of much the same thing today in Iraq. Iran is running a proxy war with us via Iraq and we can do very little because of liberal peaceniks.

From a purely military point of view, Iran should be pincered from Afghanistan and Iraq. But liberals have made that politically impossible, so we will continue to have a slow drip of KIAs until they can finally pull the plug. Once they can, the liberals will force America to abandon the budding Iraqi republic, and its 25 million citizens.

It already is a failure: the administration just isn’t willing to admit it yet.

They’ve been trying to blame liberals already, with the &quot:you have to be with the president in a time of war&quot: and &quot:why do you hate America?&quot: nonsense. It does look bad when many Democrats, including some that are somewhat to the left, voted for the war. However, with the Republicans in complete control of the government at the time, it’s gonna be really difficult for them to completely get rid of responsibility. People are seeing that now, anyway. Most Americans think the Iraq war was a mistake, that it was the Reps’ fault, and that they made the US less safe. So here’s hoping!

What do you mean &quot:Will they blame?&quot: – they already are. They are saying it is Clinton’s fault, but fail to remember that Reagan had sold Iran and Bin Laden weapons (way before Clinton). We aren’t saying Dems didn’t want war….in the beginning we wanted revenge as much as the first guy. It was waiting for 3 months for action, and then taking action in the wrong country mostly because of lies that we have a problem with.
This war is a failure…it has yet to produce any results other than thousands dead, Saddam behind bars (and he isn’t Bin Laden), No WMD, and the terrorists are more determined than ever.

If the war in Iraq is a failure, blaming someone will be the least of the conservatives, or YOUR worries.

The only way it will be a failure is if liberals get their way and we quit just like Vietnam.

It is already Bill Clintons fault, they have laid the ground work to blame him for everything bad that happened in the last 100 years and are working on plan’s to blame him for the next 100 years of conservative failures. So it is cut and dried if you cut yourself shaving it is Bill Clintons fault, if you have a flat tire it is B.C.’s fault. If you mother in law moves in and plans to stay out here retirement it is Bill Clinton that put her up to it.

They’ve been blaming Clinton for the past 6 years for Bush’s chuck-ups. so I’ll bet on the former and pray for the latter!

the war in Iraq is a failure,, Bush invaded a country based on lies, by He, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld,,, he embraces a Republican Speaker of the House who lies to protect a Log Cabin Republican child predator,,, how low will conservatives go

first off the democrats got us into vietnam! get it right! and as far as iraq goes that has yet to be decided,we wont be the party to cut and run that is reserved for the liberal left and there proven track record!

Why do you think there is a spike in violence now goofy…do you think the insurgents may be voting Demoronocrat…I’m liberal but I can read that a mile a way…

Vote Green and this never would have happened….DUMMY

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