Is it true that it is impossible to parody extremism?

Poe’s law says that it is impossible to parody extremism:


In other words, no matter how ridiculous you sound, there is always somone who will agree with you. I think I proved that, considering how many people took me seriously.


It’s true to an extent. I interpret Poe’s Law to mean that any parody of extremism needs to be a blatant parody, otherwise it’s too easy to confuse it with the real thing. I would argue that the reason for this is that extremism is often already a parody of itself.

I don’t think that’s true at all. If anything it’s easier to parody.
the problem is extreemists don’t have a sense of humor, otherwise there would be twin towers and islamic cartoons still.

I have trouble telling the trolls from the fundies.

It seems to get worse all the time, because I keep seeing more silly things from actual fundies. You would like to think that no one could be that stupid…but then WOW.

Maybe. But we might disagree on what is extremism, using your example.

I can choose to not have those things in my home, believing they are &quot:of the devil&quot: without affecting you in any manner. Hardly extremism.

How can you parody something like the &quot:God Hates Fags&quot: website?

Zvi the Fiddler

How dare you mock my dear religion. I wish you the best in the name of the noodly lord and hope for yourself to be touched by it’s noodly appendage. rAmen.

That’s so true! I have seen that happen again and again here… so it’s so common there’s actually a &quot:law&quot: for that. Hmmm. Well, there’s my lesson for the day. 🙂

It’s a toss-up as to who they took more seriously: You, or themselves.

so true, so true…
You would be surprised to know how many spoof websites are actually taken seriously…

I have to laugh at extremists, because paranoia is fun

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