Without referring to the Bible, can you say why homosexuality is wrong?

I already know your bible hates homosexuality, so I don’t want to hear any of that. And don’t give me any scripture. I just wan’t to know why you think homosexuality is wrong. But before you answer, I want you to assume that these following premises are true (which in reality they are, but some don’t want to accept it. So for the sake of staying on topic, make it an assumption.)

1. Homosexuality is not a choice. A homosexual cannot choose to become a heterosexual, just like a heterosexual can’t choose to become a homosexual.
2. Homosexuality is not harmful to anyone and have no victims. Christians like to compare homosexuals to murderers, stealers, pedophiles and the likes. But they fail to see that unlike those nasty things, homosexuality has no victim.
3. Homosexuals have been around since way back in history. Human population is not threatened by homosexuals since the majority of people are still heterosexuals.
4. Homosexual sex is not harmful if practiced the right way, just like heterosexual must be practiced the right way to be safe.
5. Finally, what other people do in their bedrooms is none of your business!

Ok, bring it on!

im not christian. im muslim.
but look:
u know how they separate women and men bathrooms and like…when u go on these trips. they separate the men and women?
NOW. if people start liking the same sex, look at how that would seem.
God made men and women different. they’re supposed to stay like that. he made a penis and a vagina. they are supposed to produce kids. a vagina and vagina CAN’T produce kids.
imagine, getting raped by the same sex when ur in the bathrom. YOU WILL GET AIDS. STOP RAPING PEOPLE.
so, that’s my point. if a religious girl goes outside, she will have to be scared of both men and WOMEN.

The bible is the absolute law: how can you negate it? Humans can only make decisions based on intellect and conscience, which are ONLY possible because we are part of GOD’S creation. It all points back to Him and His inspired word (the Bible).

Placing mankind on such a pedestal that we are independent of our Creator nullifies any notion of a conscience or the capability to love: we’re merely animated beings without a worthy existence.

I wouldn’t say that it’s wrong. It just isn’t the norm. It’s unnatural. If two people truly love each other that is what matters. I think it makes people uncomfortable and that is why they act the way they do.

There is NOTHING wrong with homosexuality.

It’s just another thing that Christians oppose, because their big Fairytale book says it’s wrong.

I love how much hatred is caused by Christianity, yet they say that they’re so peaceful, and love everyone.
Some Christians are just so fake it disgusts me.
(Not all, though.)

I REALLY, REALLY wish some people would stop being so narrow-minded.

I have nothing against gays.
Their life style doesn’t affect mine in any way.
I am disappointed in Lesbians because that cuts the available pool of women.
But, to each their own.
If they don’t want me, and I can get by with women who really like men.

Nope nothing that isn’t Biblical.

There was a time I might of said it was the prime cause for the spread of AIDS but that is not true any more.

The funny thing is, the reference in the bible is in the old testament. Christians like to quote the Old Testament when it’s convenient for them. The new testament says nothing of the sort. Anyway, if &quot:Christians&quot: are delusional enough to take the bible as a literal and historical book, that just goes to show their ignorance of the TRUTH.

&quot:But before you answer, I want you to assume that these following premises are true (which in reality they are, but some don’t want to accept it.&quot:–Stupid, but I’ll play along.

1.Yes, it is. I hold people responsible for their own actions.
2.I agree, it harms no one (usually).
3.Their tenure here on Earth is an irrelevant topic. Marriage has been defined as it is now for centuries as well.
4.I agree, again.
5.It is my business when they put themselves on my television newscasts telling me what I should be thinking.

&lt:Not a christian&gt:

You can’t. That’s all the bible-thumpers have. If they had to think for themselves, their brains would collapse in on itself.

It’s not what makes the world go round.

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