What band/artist deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but isn’t?

In order to be an acceptable answer, the band/artist you choose MUST be eligible to be inducted. When you name the ban/artist you believe deserves to be inducted, include the year they first became eligible in order to be inducted. Don’t know what a band needs to be qualified? Here’s a link where you can find out (it includes a list of those who aren’t inducted but are eligible–you can vote for them if you like as well):


My answer:

Badfinger (eligible since 1995). For them, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is long overdue.

So, who’s your choice?

Rush and Deep Purple for sure. Its shamefull that their contributions have been ignored.

Def Leppard and Motley Crue. Think what you will of these bands, but their earlier recordings set the template for any hard rock band. I think they’re the only 2 &quot:80’s bands&quot: that should get in. The production on Pyromania and Hysteria set the model for production standard industy-wide.

Teddy Pendergrass!!! He’s been eligible since 2002. I am SOOOO mad, because as great of an artist as he is and as much as he’s paved the way for so many of these young artists today…he’s one of the few R&amp:B legends still around who have actually used their celebrity for GOOD CAUSE by giving back to his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and to millions of people with spinal disabilities by creating the Teddy Pendergrass Alliance {TPA} many years ago. As I looked down the list and noticed many other of my favorite artists who are eligible and haven’t been chosen, this one probably hurt me the most. I saw that Teddy’s been &quot:previously considered&quot: for an induction, but yet only 60 people have voted for him! 57% voted FOR his induction, and 43% voted AGAINST it. I don’t understand it. But aside from that, I don’t understand how these judges can just pick people who don’t even deserve to be inducted and leave out tons of others who have paid their dues and THEN some. I would love more than ANYTHING to have a discussion with the people on their panel, and really have a meeting of the minds. I’m talking a real DEBATE. Because the way they conduct their inductions are just total BULL.

I saw that my other favorite artist of all time, Marvin Gaye, was inducted in 1987, just three years after his death. I knew he had been inducted, but I just wasn’t sure when. Now here’s what I don’t get. I’m willing to bet ANYONE that had he still been alive today, Marvin would NOT have even been inducted. Why did he have to get acknowledged AFTER his death, and not when he was alive?

I can’t help but feel like the same is going to hold true for Teddy. Despite his car accident in 1982, he continued to put out tons of music. And like I mentioned above, he’s done ALOT to give back to his community and others around the world by creating the TPA. He’s getting up there in age now {he’ll be 59 on March 26, 2009}, so unfortunately, anything could happen and his life could be cut short just like that. Is that what it’s going to take for these stupid a**hole people over at the Rock &amp: Roll Hall of Fame to realize that he’s MORE than worthy of an induction? They make me sick.

But kudos to you for the question. It was a very good one! I like it. 🙂

Johnny Maestro(1986). His career goes all the way back to the 1950s with The Crests and their signature song,16 Candles. In the 60s he founded The Brooklyn Bridge,who hit it big with The Worst That Could Happen. He had other hits with both groups and continued to keep the music alive up until his death in 2010. If anyone deserves to be in the RRHOF,it’s The Maestro!

Rush, I love them. They are my favourite canadian band.
They have been a band since 68.
Put their first album out in 74 and have been rocking ever since.
This doesnt make sense ? They can put Madonna in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not Rush ?? Why does the media hate this band?

Motorhead- Lemmy is the King of Rock. He was there at the beginning in England, in the early 60’s. He has done so much in his career, and (like it or not…) was the progenitor of speed/thrash/crossover: his influence is massive. He has never sold out, and does things his way, all the way. Define &quot:rock and roll&quot:, and it’s a picture of Lemmy.

I feel that the HOF should be for highly influential and creative artists- some of the bands mentioned here are possibilities, some (The Cramps? Ram Jam? what did they ever really do…) are not.

SO many, its kind of ridiculous actually:
-The Hollies (1989!!, they had more top 40 hits in the 60’s than any band but The Beatles!!)
-Tammi Terrell (1988)
-ELO (1996)
-Procol Harum (1992)
-Jethro Tull (1993)
-Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (1995)
-Jim Croce AND Cat Stevens AND Harry Chapin (1991)
-The Stooges (1994)
-Rush (1998)
-Joan Baez (1985, i’m not a big fan, i just can’t believe she isn’t in!)

I’m stopping there because the more i look at the list, the more annoyed i am getting

Toto (eligible since 2003)

Quote from a comment on above site: &quot:Toto blended jazz, blues, soul, rock and pop in innovative ways: a variety of styles most bands cannot emulate or have the flexibility to do so.&quot:

None of these are on the hall of fame list,and should be considered.
Styx (Eligible 1997)
Kiss (Eligible 1999)
Rainbow (Eligible 2000)
Rush (Eligible 1998)
Deep Purple (Eligible 1993)
Ted Nugent (Eligible 2000)
Bad Company (Eligible 1999)
Boston (Eligible 2001)
Grand Funk Railroad (Eligible 1994)
Badfinger (Eligible 1995)
Thin Lizzy (Eligible 1996)
Bon Jovi (Eligible 2008)
Alice Cooper (Eligible 1994)
Def Leppard (Eligible 2004)
Peter Frampton (Eligible 1997)
The Scorpions (Eligible 1997)
Blue Oyster Cult (Eligible 1997)
Electric Light Orchestra
T-Rex (Eligible 1993)
Jim Croce (Eligible 1991)
Stevie Ray Vaughn (Eligible 2008)
Cheap Trick (Eligible 2002)
Randy Rhodes (Individual)
Quiet Riot (Eligible 2002)
Joe Walsh (Individual) (Eligible 1997)

i was looking though the hall of fame and i noticed that Blue Г–yster Cult was not inducted. IT IS AN OUTRAGE IF U ASK ME. these guys wrote some of the all time greats. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, Burnin’ For You, Fire Of Unknown Origin just to mention a few. These guys became eligible in 1997 and have never been considered. and if u ask me it was all SNL’s fault that these guys wont be enducted.

Faith No More, they’ll be eligible next year, but won’t be inducted til 2011. Pretty confident of their chances

Red Hot’s better be inducted in 2010! Haha I’m biased… just a little though

Soundgarden are due to be eligible in 2012, but I don’t know, I reckon they may have to wait.

Alice In Chain’s will have to wait if they are even considered.

Jane’s Addiction will get it.

Mike Patton will probably be inducted by himself too, not til 2022 haha.

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